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Working as a pharmacist for the past 15 years, Clell brings an integrative approach to the use of nutritional supplements and the proper role of herbs. In pharmacy practice his area of clinical expertise was concentrated in nutritional supplementation and clinical investigation and research. Since joining NSP in 1997, Clell has been extensively involved in natural product research and new product research, developing some extremely effective, patented formulas for the company. He is the author of Drugs and Natural Alternatives, which explores the ways in which natural alternatives might be employed to aid the most common ailments for which medications are prescribed.
Top 10 Prescription Medicines – from the pharmacists (top 200 in order of the numbers dispensed and filled, not according to revenues generated)

  1. Premarin
  2. Synthroid
  3. Trimox, Zithromax
  4. Lortab, Zoloft, Paxil
  5. Prilosec
  6. Lipitor
  7. Norvase
  8. Claritin
  9. Lanoxin

How Are Pharmaceuticals Made? What is the purpose of drug companies? They are a corporation; their bottom line is to make money. How has drug development changed?

“In the beginning”, the physician and pharmacist used to see the patients together; the physician would make the diagnosis, then the pharmacist would find the appropriate herb, potion, etc. and administer it to the patient. Then they started producing these ointments and pills and potions in bulk, and then started doing their own research. The first – aspirin – an isolate of a natural product (Bayer Co., in Germany) – and it worked well, so then they started doing this with other things – penicillin, etc. Then the philosophy changed after WW II; the drug companies decided they could do a better job than nature by producing a targeted drug and started to produce drugs in the laboratory; this proved to be very financially successful – but also produced many side effects to these synthetic drugs. Now they are going back to the natural substances again – example: taxi, made from the bark of the pacific yew tree.

How are drug studies conducted?

Studies are required by the FDA to get a drug approved and put onto the market. Drug companies are so good at doing these studies that they can manipulate the studies to get the desired results. When it is first released to the public, it is still in its final phase of testing. Drug reps will say to the doctor, “It kills everything, has no side effects”, and the doctors all start using it because the drug reps have given them incentives to start writing scripts. Occasionally, the pharmacists will get a letter from FDA recalling everything, and requiring them to contact every person who had taken the drug and return it; and ordering the patients to return to their doctor for follow-up care.

“Dear Health Care Provider” letter – emergency recall – turned out to have one nasty little side effect – in some people, it tended to kill them! That can put a crimp in your lifestyle!

Does this mean it was a bad antibiotic? No – it did kill the organism – but it killed the host, too!

Emergency recalls actually happen quite often – you just don’t hear about it!


  1. PREMARIN (Conjugated Estrogens) – Pregnant Mare Urine (Wyeth-Ayerst)

Many women are having serious problems with premarin – it kills women. If they are pre-disposed to estrogen sensitive cancer, and you give them cancer it will cause the cancer to grow. These risks are well known, and have been associated with that drug since the beginning. Last Dec., Clell’s wife had a total hysterectomy; following surgery, the OB-GYN talked to her about taking Premarin – despite all of these studies! It takes 17 years for a doctor to adopt a new philosophy!!

Premarin is for menopause, it is an estrogen replacement, the oldest and most popular. (Similar: prem-pro, etc.)

Premarin Alternatives:

Pro-G-Yam 500 mg. (start with this first, for a month or two, nothing else) – 50-60% will feel great just with this; the rest are not quite there yet; and 5% will still feel terrible. These are women who are very estrogen dominant, and Pro-G-Yam cream may not work well for them.

Black Cohosh, Flash-Ease, Red Clover, Calcium/Vitamin D (to help prevent bone loss after menopause)

  1. SYNTHROID (Levothyroxine) – Synthetic Thyroid (Knoll Pharmaceuticals)

On the market for over 40 years but never approved by the FDA – “just slipped through the cracks”. Argued to have it grandfathered, but the FDA said no, and gave them a time limit to have this approved as a drug, or be pulled from the market. The reason? Two other manufacturers of synthetic thyroid replacement have submitted studies and been approved. There have been actual problems with the drug (Synthroid) – there have been different potencies in different lots even though they are the same manufactured dosage (same color pill).

Synthroid Alternatives:

Kelp, Master Gland, TS II

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  1. TRIMOX (Amoxicillin) – penicillin: kill organisms by interrupting the death of the cycle [ANTIBIOTICS]
    ZITHROMAX (Azithromycin) – arythromycin: work through a static system and keep the organisms from replicating, which causes them to die off.

Use of these two types of antibiotics together are contraindicated – yet doctors write prescriptions for them all the time! Doctors only take 1 or 2 semesters of pharmacology, so learn most of their drug usage during their internship, and let a nurse correct the dosage if they write down the wrong thing. (Don’t ever get sick in July – that’s when all the med students start their rotations in the hospitals!!)

Better today since many doctors are using the palm pilots with PDR loaded into it! Still, most doctors are familiar with about 70 drugs, those that are within their area of specialty.

Trimox Alternatives:

Garlic (used by medics in WW II when antibiotics were not available), Silver Shield (Colloidal Silver) (used in burn units to prevent infections), Pau d’Arco, Olive Leaf, Paw Paw, Immune Stimulator.

Best way to get rid of ANY infection – NEVER GET IT TO BEGIN WITH!! If you have an immune system capable of handling the day to day germs, and have a nervous system that can release stress (the biggest trigger for infections) – you won’t have to worry about getting infections! That is where Immune Stimulator does so well – wonderful supplement!!!

  1. LORTAB (Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone) – to relieve moderate to severely moderate pain.

Lortab and Vicodin Alternatives:

Morinda (Noni), SAM-e, Triple Relief – will work even with broken bones and post-surgery, APS II.

  1. PROZAC (Fluoxetine), ZOLOFT (Sertyraline), PAXIL (Paroxetine)

SSRI’s – prescribed for depression, anxiety.

Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil Alternatives:

St. John’s Wort – increase serotonin levels, 5-HTP – precursor to serotonin, SAM-e – terrific and fast-working alternative to anti-depressants.

Weight Loss, other problems – is it REALLY depression??

  1. PRILOSEC (Omeprazole)

Being replaced by Nexium, which is half of a prilosec – this “one hand” of the drug was found to work better than the other, so they isolated it and are using this primarily for GERD.

Prilosec Alternatives:

Ginger – helps get the food out of the stomach and moving along – thus preventing the acid from reaching the esophagus, Gastro Health – specifically used to fight H-Pylori Factor (which is primary cause of ulcers, and often migraine headaches), Stomach Comfort.

  1. LIPITOR (Atorvastatin) – Statin Drugs

Hinders the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol, and strips the body of CoQ 10.

Lipitor Alternatives:

Cholester-Reg, Garlic, Psyllium Hulls, Fat Grabbers, LOCLO.

  1. NORVASC (Amlodipine) – for hypertension

Start with one or two, then pretty soon you are on a whole host of medications to treat all the side effects of the original drug given. The first question – is it really hyper-tension? Men don’t go to doctors, and they wait to go until they feel really awful; then they are sitting in a paper gown in the exam room when the nurse walks in to take the blood pressure.

Our blood pressure changes rapidly throughout the day, so to get an accurate diagnosis of hypertension, there must be three readings, at least 15 minutes apart – one lying down, one sitting, and one standing. Repeat the test on a later date, preferably at a different location, with all three again.

Norvasc Alternatives:

Hawthorn, Coenzyme Q-10, Olive Leaf, Vitamin E, Blood Pressurex, Gingko.

  1. CLARITIN (Loratadine) – DTC “Direct To Consumer”

(Worst thing that has happened to health care in this country, advertising drugs on radio, TC, magazines – but it works! The sales of these drugs are greatly elevated!)

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