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Over 10 million Americans are fighting cancer. If you know anyone fighting a battle with cancer, please tell them about “Paw Paw”:

For the past 25 years, Dr. Jerry Mc Laughlin has researched acetogenins and their role in cellular protection. During that time, he has published over 100 articles and studies related to the health benefits of these compounds that are found naturally in certain herbs. A recent clinical study with over 100 cancer patients shows that the extract (containing a mixture of acetogenins) may support the body’s cells during times of cellular stress.

McLaughlin’s research has led to the development of a patent-pending product, ”Paw Paw Cell-Reg®” available only from Nature’s Sunshine Products.

What are acetogenins?

Acetogenins are active compounds that affect the production of ATP in the mitochondria of the cell. ATP is our cells’ energy production center and, hence, our body’s major source of energy. Acetogenins modulate the production of ATP.

How do they work?

The energy-inhibiting properties of acetogenins help fight cancer in four ways:

  1. Stops the production of cellular energy in abnormal cells, while hearty cells remain unaffected.
  2. Inhibits blood cells and vessels growing near the abnormal cells, preventing the transporting and metastasizing of cancer cells.
  3. Enhances the effectiveness of common medical treatments for cancer.
  4. Reduces ATP levels (the amount of materials available for cellular division).

Where are they found?

The most potent available source of acetogenins is the paw paw tree (Asimina triloba). The twigs contain the most concentrated amount of acetogenins, especially if they are harvested when they are most biologically active.


  1. Slows and stops the production of cell energy in abnormal cells; Paw Paw blocks ATP production in the mitochondria and cytosol.
  2. Prevents the growth of vessels in or near the tumor.
  3. Depletes the DNA and RNA building blocks necessary for new, abnormal cell division – effective against human CEM leukemia cells; proven to reduce DNA and RNA production in 3 days.
  4. Kills cells that are resistant to chemotherapy – cancer cells, after awhile, can discern that chemotherapy is bad for them (that is why a particular chemotherapy protocol ceases to be effective and becomes chemo-resistant); they can turn on a pump controlled by ATP that pumps the chemotherapy right out of the cancer cells. Paw Paw prevents this from happening – thus it is very effective to use in conjunction with chemo-therapy.

UPJOHN research showed that Paw Paw compounds are up to 300 times more potent than Taxol; is more potent than cisdplatin, induces less weight loss, caused reduction in growth of tumor. ELI LILLY showed that Paw Paw caused a 60% decrease in tumor size.

Taxol caused 10% weight loss in mice. By contrast, Paw Paw compounds used with mice produced a weight gain – thus helping the starvation problem with more cancer patients.


Experimental study group conducted for NSP & overseen by Dr. McLaughlin contained 130 patients during the last 1 1/2 years. Many types & stages of cellular abnormalities were represented.

Significant reductions were seen in size of abnormal growths (verified by CT scans, etc.). Significant reductions in antigen levels (as reflected by PSA, CA2729, CA125, alkaline phosphatase, etc.)

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These are not double-blind studies (how can you give one group of cancer patients a placebo when their life is dependent on getting treatment?) or perspective studies, so the medical community will not accept them, but they clearly show a trend toward improvement in quality of life and true representation of progress against cancer.

At the very minimum, we will give people a better quality of life! Doctors may not always be there to cure, but we can always be there to CARE.

Very few side effects experienced by those in study: Nausea and vomiting (3 people out of 130); Itching (1 person). There was no bone marrow depression, hair loss, etc.

PAW PAW CELL-Reg Works Fast:

“My grandmother has liver and bowel cancer. Since she started using the Paw Paw Cell Reg, Nature’s Immune Stimulator, High Potency Protease and Milk Thistle, she has really turned around! She no longer is nauseated and throwing up and she actually has an appetite now. The diarrhea has stopped, and she really seems to feel genuinely better! She has only been taking these products about a month!”
K. A.

“This stuff (Paw Paw Cell Reg) is just fantastic, I have lost 20 lbs, I know that is part of it and getting off of chemotherapy. I had surgery a week ago today. I came home buzzing the following morning and feeling just great. There was cancer in the two lymph nodes that were removed, and we’re waiting to hear the pathology on the tumor in the skin. I’m doing excellent though, and I’m very optimistic that we’re going to get it all. I’m staying on the Paw Paw Cell Reg. I just feel wonderful on it. I cannot tell people enough how the Nature’s Immune Stimulator boosts your energy! , how different you feel when you take it. And my blood work has shown improvement!” Carol B., Cave Creek, AZ, Fall, 2003.

Officially as of yesterday, I have a clean, clear cancer-free body. I am doing excellent. My blood work is perfect! I used Paw Paw Cell Reg, Nature’s Immune Stimulator, Milk Thistle, Nature’s Noni, and High Potency Protease. It is such a wonderful program and SO simple. Carol B., Cave Creek, Arizona, February, 2004.

From: Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND
I have someone that has low WBC and stage 4 cancer. Her CA-15-3 markers are down by about 125%!!!!

PAW PAW CELL-REG From: Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND
From all the literature that I have read Paw Paw is for all types of cancer. They all have the same underlying principle in that they initially start anaerobic and then start to seek oxygen to grow. They will go through whatever (cell tissue, etc) to get there. The Paw Paw stops the ATP production in the cell to cut off the energy supply and prevent it from growing.

I have had people respond (checking CA markers) in as little as 3 weeks.
It will work in conjunction with chemo in the fact that it will actually hold the chemo in the cell longer to allow it to destroy it instead of the body flushing it out like usual.

Contraindicated while using Paw Paw or battling cancer:

Co-Q 10 – stimulates complex I in mitochondria, encouraging cell growth.

Sulfur-containing Antioxidants (Alpha Lipoic Acid or Super Antioxidants) – block programmed cell death (apoptosis).

Thyroid stimulators – stimulate complex 1 in mitochondria (7-Keto; Thyroid Support, Thyroid Activator)

Suggested Program:

Paw Paw Cell-Reg – 1 capsule 4 times daily

Nature’s Noni – 2-4 oz. daily.

Immune Stimulator – 2 capsules twice daily.

Protease, High Potency – 2-4 twice daily on an empty stomach—we suggest upon arising and right before retiring (keep on bedside table so you don’t forget it).

For someone who has been declared to be in remission of cancer – assume they still have it, and continue to use the program until the cancer tumor markers are all down, and there is no further evidence of the cancer, then use the program a month beyond that time following up with the program at least once a month for the first two to three years. All the products except the Paw Paw Cell-Reg can be used forever as a good preventative.

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