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An interesting bit of fact collecting was done by a Brit Scientist who’d had a heart attack, when he looked at the aspirin study and accidentally discovered the amazing fact that the people who’d done this famous study on how GOOD aspirin was for heart patients, had used buffered aspirin. Remember that blood thinning study well it was conducted in England? The one that showed aspirin prevented strokes and heart attacks? Remember that one, and how suddenly everyone was taking a baby aspirin every morning?

Well, only a scientist like this Internet writer-researcher would be smart enough to realize that one of the components of buffered aspirin is basic, off the shelf magnesium. Studies indicate that most people are sadly lacking in this very important mineral as it is found in stuff nobody eats any more: WHOLE GRAINS, nuts, greens and beets. It is actually highest in totally un-refined grains.

When grain is stripped of its husk, made into flour, it becomes useless, a total no magnesium thing. You will continue to get calcium deposits, as magnesium is what keeps calcium in solution. Calcium deposits are plaques in arteries and they stuff your pipes and give you heart disease.

When grain is made like the Bible tells us in Ezekiel 4:9, grain is soaked, whole, then triturated, then made into whole grain bread which is non-acidic in the mouth, absolutely delicious, full of magnesium and you don’t get calcium deposits in your veins ergo no heart disease! WOW. I’m a born-again dark bread eater! AND LOVING EVERY MOUTHFUL! In California, we have Ezekiel Bread by Food for Life Baking Company in Corona, California, http://www.food-for-life.com. If they can’t supply you with it in your city/state, maybe they’d give you a clue as to how it’s made so you can become the magnesium millionaire in your state!

KEEPING MAGNESIUM around is not what happens with most flour in whole grain baked goods. You can’t even use whole grain FLOUR as it’s stored as flour first; ergo its oils have turned rancid, carcinogenic! The Magnesium husk fed to some lucky pigs. YOU NEED to buy fresh wheat, or the 14 other grains that FOOD FOR LIFE uses for bread, (lentils, spelt, sesame seeds, sprouted barley, millet, soybeans, rye, oats), soak them in a pot of spring water, overnight, then let drain in a sieve, then turn those soaked grains that are already sprouting and filled with LIFE…. into a grain mush immediately. You’d use a FOOD MILL like VITA MIX. And then, you’d add your yeast and let it rise, finally you’d bake that with your salt, sesame seeds, honey. Now, that’s what is TRUE BIBLE BREAD and it’s only available at healthfood stores. I buy it, run home, and put it in freezer. I use a loaf a week, then get a new loaf. And I always check the date on packages at the store to get the freshest one on the shelf, as the stuff is highly perishable. It’s ALIVE. That’s why it’s in freezer, not fridge.

This Brit scientist discovered that currently all experts think that the reason for Alzheimer’s is this MAGNESIUM LACK in our modern junk bread diet. The autopsy process finds so much aluminum in dead brains today, that the rumor started that aluminum deodorant caused senility! Hey it may, as any aluminum is too much for the body! But the fact is this: if little or no magnesium is available to the brain, it substitutes the next available mineral that will work which is aluminum! THE RECEPTORS will look for this mineral or metal and pull it out of your armpits if need be!

This Ph.D. chemist said that after he started taking magnesium supplements (or for you eating beets, raw nuts, organic bible bread,) he could easily walk long distances, walk up steps without being exhausted or out of breath. It was like a new lease on life.

He claimed that after we started milling grain (which removed the wheat germ and the vitamin E) and also removed the magnesium, that’s when all the heart related problems began when we switched over to white flour. In any event, if heart disease runs in our family, especially if grandparents had it, Co-Q-10, vitamin E, cayenne pepper and magnesium seem to be the major components in fighting it, (if you have it) or staving it off (if you don’t yet have it).

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You already may do a super diet, but don’t know whether or not you had heard the magnesium story. So, take your magnesium supplementation with your calcium supplements. Why buy pills? I know carrot juice is just as high in calcium as milk, so it makes a fine food. So are herrings, sardines, humus or the sesame butter it’s made from. Dark green leaves. Now add some magnesium, which is found in dark brown SPROUTED GRAIN BREAD (with your salad?) and BEETS occasionally at lunch, buttered, parmesaned. YUMMY! Add millet cereal, a kind of rice, which is high protein grain, the highest protein of all grains.

Why would we want the proteins and GRAINS versus the even stronger protein in meat? Because meat eating and even the SMELLING of cooked meat causes extreme acid production in your stomach which creates the acid flushing through you and of course, doing what acid does, washing away all the minerals in your body. The result is what we see in geriatrics: the tiny little bent over, osteoporotic, dwarf geezer syndrome! In other words, most meat eaters end up urinating their minerals out into the sea all their life! And we wonder why the sea is such a fountain of minerals?

So try Magnesium; it will do miracles for you. It creates not only a synergistic bioavailablilty with calcium — necessary for properly assimilating calcium to keep your bones strong long into old age, but also perhaps as important — keeps calcium in suspension in the blood stream and therefore unable to create plaque deposits in your veins and arteries.

But there’s one more thing. If you add magnesium to calcium it makes it more assimilable, just for that reason. That’s why taking a calcium-magnesium supplement is a better bone protection product than plain MAGNESIUM. I know this first hand. My mother was in real pain. Doctor told her she had the
beginning of melting bones, in the hip, pelvis area. The pain was horrendous but within days of starting to take Cal-mag (a calcium-magnesium supplement), all pain left so she assumes her bones aren’t melting any more. The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, given the building-components it needs.

Magnesium is a miracle that will prevent so many body problems: melting bones, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimers. Vow to buy a bunch of beets tomorrow. Vow to go to your local healthfood store and see if they make Bible Bread. Notice how when you eat it, there is no mouth acid. That’s the reason I love it so. Now, I can no longer eat any whole grain bread, no matter how organic, due to the noticeable amount of acid in the teeth, after you chew it. Not true of Bible Bread!

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